“The Accountant,” which stars Ben Affleck, has the perfect balance of action, suspense and comedy. Far from predictable, the movie has unexpected twists. The press junket for the movie was held on Sunday, Oct. 2nd at the “Four Seasons Hotel.” EURweb Associate Kiki Ayers was on the scene to interview Affleck and the rest of the cast.

While the film shares a positive perspective on autistic children and being “different” we asked the cast if society is too quick to classify “different” as negative.
“I think absolutely so, you know, certainly¬†a significant portion of the world,” said J.K. Simmons. “I think if you delve into people who are on the spectrum or have autism and¬†aspergers one of the first thing that Gavin kept saying is that if you meet a person with autism then you’ve met one person with autism and each is unique.”
Director Gavin O’Connor said that there’s a line in the film that says “Different scares people.” He told us he believes that’s possible at times so it was important to both him and Affleck to celebrate “different.”
Affleck masters his role in the accountant and brings comedic relief with his socially awkward moments. We asked him to share some of his most awkward moments in real life.
“You don’t have enough time and I don’t care what your outlet is, we can not air these stories,” he laughed. “I did not need to do any research on awkward. I had to practice the fighting and math but the awkward I come by honestly.”
The movie will be in theaters everywhere Oct, 14th. For more information on the film, make sure to check out the official trailer here.

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