Warner held the press junket for “The Legend of Tarzan,” on Saturday, June 25th which stars HBO’s “True Blood’s” Alexander Skarsgård and hollywood’s it girl Margot Robbie. The film brings the perfect combination of action and comedy while delivering a message on the importance of honor and vulnerability. 
The movie which hits theaters July 1st, highlights George Washington Williams played by Samuel L. Jackson and the enslavement in Africa. EURweb Associate Kiki Ayers caught up with the cast to discuss the project. Robbie and Skarsgård who have undeniable chemistry on camera explained how they went about portraying the love of Tarzan and Jane. 
“We worked with a movement coach and choreographer Wayne McGregor who was on set and we in prep did these sessions together where we would kind of not speak and just break the boundaries of the physical intimacy,” said Robbie. 
Jackson seemed to be a lot people’s favorite to work with on set and even his own favorite person. 
“When I have days when I’m on green screen and it’s just me, I’m like hey I’m working with my favorite person today. I can trust this guy, I know he knows all his lines, he’s gonna hit his mark and this is gonna be a short day,” said Jackson
As he took on the role of Williams, he was able to do a lot of action shots in the film with many guns. With gun control law controversy currently going on Jackson shared his thoughts as well.
“Nobody needs a machine gun. People don’t need assault riffle’s in their homes to protect their home,” he said. “I don’t mind people having guns. I grew up in the south, everybody has a gun so I understand what that means in home protection but nobody needs a machine gun.”
For more information on “The Legend of Tarzan,” make sure to check out the official trailer here.

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