“It all went wrong” is the quote used to describe Screen Gems latest movie “When The Bough Breaks,” but it all went right at the press junket that was held at The London Hotel this Saturday. EUR web Associate Kiki Ayers was on the scene to catch up with the stars Morris Chestnut and Regina Hall who play a married professional couple in the movie.

Things look up for them when they think they’ve found the perfect surrogate to start a family but problems arise when the young woman played by Jaz Sinclair develops a psychotic fixation with Chestnut‘s character John Taylor. Since Taylor is tempted into infidelity, we asked chestnut to share his best advice for men on how to fight temptations.
“It’s very difficult because it depends upon the person and their life experiences but I think in the end it’s just to let them know it’s not worth it because whatever woman they’re with whether they’re married or in a long term relationship, they chose that woman for a particular reason,” he said. “When you first meet someone they’re a priority and other things come up…just make them a priority.”
Hall’s character Lauren Taylor plays a chef who can cook anything. Hall said she’s not a chef like Lauren but assured us that she can cook almost anything.
“My favorite thing to cook is vegetables,” she laughed. “I can follow a recipe anyway and I bet I could make oxtails…so I think I could do it…everything. I can keep the family fed.”
With the “So Gone,” battle taking over the internet, we had to challenge Chestnut and Hall who gladly accepted. Surprisingly their freestyle skills were up to par with other celebrities that have participated such as Chance The Rapper, Kevin Hart and Dwayne Wade.
“When The Bough Breaks,” will be in theaters everywhere Sept 9th. For more information, make sure to check out the official trailer here.

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