Nas Talks Ghostbusters Clothing Collaboration

Hip Hop living legend Nas appeared at the Fred Segal retail store on Saturday, May 14th to launch his collaboration fashion line with Ghostbusters. The line, which also has clothing and fashion retailer Ron Herman behind it is in anticipation of the upcoming feature film Ghostbusters.
EURweb associate Kiki Ayers caught up with the rap superstar to find out more about the project. One thing that was immediately clear was his love for the movie. He was definitely a fan and said he loved everything from the actors to the songs on the sound track.
“I’m 100% in everything I do so you know when it comes to this I’m definitely 1000% all the way in,” he said. “You know I gotta be involved.”
Nas teams up with 6 other brands in curation of this line. The brands include his personal line “HSTRY,” “New Era” caps, FILA’s for footwear, Toyobikes, Monster headphones and Italia Independent Eyewear. Nas personally handpicked a lot of the designs himself and was fully involved in the project.
“It’s like fantasy, reality, paranormal stuff. It’s real. It’s stuff that spooks you out but they put a twist to it and that’s cool,” he said. “I think everybody loves it and the Bobby Brown record he made in part 2 is one of my favorite records.”
He told us the only pressure he had to reflect that the movie in the clothing was that they had so many ideas and he had to narrow it down to what would be the best fit for both his brand and Ghostbusters.
“We had to narrow it down and reel it in. I’m just happy that we came to some agreements on some stuff and we have some real cool stuff.”
The Ghostbusters film will be released in theaters nationwide on July 15th.

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