Vh1 “Hit The Floor” star Robert Christopher Riley stopped by the Kiki Ayers show on Tuesday to discuss the Season 3 return of “Hit The Floor,” Hollywood Massive and his post on Black Lives Matter.

Riley brought the energy and fun with a SPACEGLYDER scooter playing Soca music and repping his culture as he has a Trinidadian and Bajan flag tied to his jeans. He immediately answered the question that most “Hit The Floor” fans have been wanting to know. He confirmed that Season 3 would be returning.

Robert Riley Hit The Floor on The Kiki Ayers Show

Robert Riley Hit The Floor on The Kiki Ayers Show

“It’s coming back. Hit The Floor is coming back. It’s already shot,” he said. “I wish I could make it come back sooner.”

They wrapped production in late May of this year. He couldn’t give away too much information on what to expect from Season 3 but did assure us that it’s as hot and sexy and steamy as ever.

Riley also discussed the success of “Hollywood Massive.” The event, which he produced first kicked off earlier this summer (right before the BET Awards) had a huge turnout. He recently brought it to Long Beach, CA as Team Soca and Hollywood Massive teamed up to bring the people “Carnivale on The Coast,” which was held on the Grand Romance Boat. The event is also expected to hit Miami, Brooklyn and London.

“I’m a Cultural Amabassador. What we say about Hollywood Massive is that it’s for the people, for the culture for the love,” he explained. “I do what I do, I’m an actor, I’m an entertainer, I’m a story teller and I’m a producer but I also love where I’m from.”

With all the controversy surrounding police brutality and black lives, the actor also spoke out about it and posted a photo on Instagram with the caption “Plain and Simple…Please Stop Killing Us.”


He urged people to make their lives matter.

“We’ve got to do something to stop it. There has to be an education on both sides,” he said. Don’t make it any easier for anybody else and that’s really all my mother taught me when she raised 2 boys in Brooklyn being sent from another country.”

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Robert Riley Teaches Kiki How To Use SpaceGlyder

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Robert Riley Spaceglyde’s into the Interview

@spaceglyder with @kikiayers post interview. #tntmassive #trinigal #trinibajan #Caribbean #kikiayers #robrileynyc #HOLLYWOODMASSIVE

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