Paper Towns, the novel written by bestselling author John Green who brought us

“The Fault In Our Stars,” is a coming of age story centering on characters Quentin,

played by Nat Wolff and Margo played by Cara Delevingne.


When Margo disappears after spending a devious night with Quentin doing payback

schemes, Quentin and his friends go on an adventurous search for her using clues

she’s left behind. The film, which focuses around the thought of eluted feelings takes

the viewers on a journey as it shows Wolff’s character struggle to understand a

deeper meaning of true, love and friendship.


EURweb Associate Kiki Ayers caught up with the Wolff and Quentin at the Paper

Towns press junket to discuss the movie. Wolff said he could definitely relate to his

character as he reflected on a time in his past where he would create an idea of who

a female was before knowing her.


“It was almost like I went on a time machine back in time when I really was

embarrassedly romantic and projected my ideas on a girl opposed to really getting

to know them.” He said. “I kind of was similar at a time to Quentin.”


Delevingne, is quickly becoming a household name. With over 15 million instagram

followers and balancing a successful modeling and acting career, she’s well on her

way to becoming an entertainment icon as Hollywood marks her the “next big

thing.” Aside from being friends with Kendall and Kylie Jenner, the 22 year-old

actress can be seen alongside Pharrell Williams in Chanel’s latest ad campaign and

starring in the upcoming DC comic book movie Suicide Squad.


When asked about how she felt about being named Hollywood’s next “it girl” she

responded with the pros and cons saying that she’s just a girl and not special or a



“That’s cool I like that but I don’t like that,” she said. “It’s really a great privilege to

have such an amazing platform like the social media presence that I have. It’s great

for getting out important messages that I want to give to young kids but at the same

time I don’t want to be known as an ‘it girl’ because I work very hard.”


Ayers also  caught up with Green, Abrams, Smith, Sinclair and

Sage at the Paper Towns press junket held at the Four Seasons Hotel on Sat. July 18th.

When doing the interview the one thing that became immediately clear was that the

cast loved each other and were happy to be reunited.

“They’re so funny and hilarious and great to be with,” said Green. “She [Cara] would

come to set even on days she wasn’t working just because they were all so close.”

Sage explained her motivation for being in the film had to do with the fact that she

could really relate to her character Lacey.

“I had felt her same feelings deeply in my heart growing up and to this day just

feeling misunderstood and wanting to be seen for more than just the way she looks,”

she said.

Abrams shared his motivation for joining the cast as well and explained how he felt

a lot of young men would be able to connect with his character Ben.

“I think a lot of young guys can relate to Ben in the sense especially with girls and

trying to figure out how you present yourself in front of them and just the confusion

of that,” said Abrams.

Green explained that the most important message he wants people to take away

from this film is that we have to imagine people complexly and see them as people.

“It’s really hard because you’re stuck inside of your own brain your whole life and

your consciousness in the only consciousness that you ever get to have so it’s really

hard to understand what it’s like to be someone else but we have to listen and when

we do, we find a lot of unexpected things.”

Paper Towns will be out in theaters everywhere on July 24th. For more information,

please make sure to visit the website here.


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